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I've always had an interest in photography and can fondly remember the days of wandering the streets of Carlton and Melbourne taking pictures of old buildings and street scenes. Those were the days of developing films in what was known as the dark room. I was lucky enough to have my own. I converted a laundry room into a temporary (albeit rudimentary) dark room and then back to a laundry room when having finished work on my photos for the day. Those were early teenage years and a great learning experience, but more than anything else just plain fun being able to develop and process my own photos.

Sadly the teenage photography days became less and less important as life led to other exciting paths and choices to be made, like finishing my education, getting a career, marriage and three wonderful children. 

It's only now in my retirement and with the support of my spouse (Brenda) that I have rediscovered the fun and challenges of digital photography.  I realise that people have differing tastes and what may be a great photo in someone's eyes may appear to be quite ordinary to another person. However, the photos I have portrayed on my website are some that I really like and I trust you might too.

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